Revival of Sound

Born under the blue-hue of a Northwest raincloud, Americana artist Jess Jocoy has often been labeled an 'Old Soul'. While her songs reflect a certain melancholy, when she sings, she sings a tune both fresh and familiar.  Ever since a young age, Jess Jocoy has been tethered to traditional country roots, and so aims for revival in the sound that made country music great. 

New Heart / Old Soul

New Heart/Old Soul is Jess Jocoy's debut EP, comprised of five songs that serve as an introduction to the emerging Americana artist living in Music City. Born out of loss of love and the pursuit of passion, each song is a memoir of her journey from the gray north to Nashville. But it's only the beginning. Just as these songs were forged from the bittersweet taste of life, it is this life that has given Jess Jocoy a new heart and an old soul. 

New Heart/Old Soul is out now!


UBER Music Movers

Winner of the UBER Music Movers competition, June 2018.

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Consider The Music

"A genuine soul, who through each lyric and chord change, has known heartbreak, but still has so much hope. All that in a voice? YES." - Anna Harrington, Consider The Music 

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Southern Fellow

"She dares you to pull back the layers to understand the story. Her stories are timeless and will relate to people long after my lifetime." - Southern Fellow

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Original song "Edge of the Storm" from forthcoming album coming Summer 2019. 

If My Heart's Going to Break

Official lyric video for new single from New Heart / Old Soul EP, available now!

A Thousand Ways to Disappear (Lyric Video)

"A Thousand Ways to Disappear" from New Heart/Old Soul EP


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